Peace Needs Time

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Peace does not come over-night. In order to build trust, strengthen democracy, support justice and overcome hate a lot of time and many small steps are necessary. The schwelle Foundation along with its partners starts there. Therefore we need support. 

We are not only where the public eye rushes to a new conflict, but are still 30 years after the war in Bosnia and Croatia, because it is incredibly important to support them in peace and reconciliation work. We are working in Tanzania with our partner because social injustice heighten violence and strife. We know that only nonviolence in Israel and Palestine will bring us closer to living together peacefully and are aware that we must promote justice and nonviolence in Germany. 

For this we need the possibility to support our partners in the long term to work with them, accompany them and support them. And therefore we need you: Please donate to the schwelle Foundation.

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Donations Account

IBAN: DE 45 2903 0400 0000 0942 93


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