Hand in Hand – Let’s Act in Solidarity Now

Together with groups and individuals from civil society, the schwelle no longer wants to passively watch the shift to the right in Germany and Europe. That is why we are taking part in the "Hand in Hand – Let’s Act in Solidarity Now" campaign.

Our aim is to stand up as a civil society in Germany and raise our voice for democracy and support local initiatives with various campaigns throughout the year.

Crises, wars, disasters – the world around us is increasingly shaky. Much of what we long relied upon is uncertain. In a rapidly changing world, we see the political climate in Europe changing dangerously. Fears of change, loss, and poverty are deliberately fueled, and people are pitted against each other. Divides in society deepen.

In Germany, the political landscape is developing alarmingly: right-wing and extremist views are gaining public support. Racism, antisemitism, and other forms of group-related hostility are on the rise. Individuals are demeaned due to poverty, unemployment, or homelessness, and are socially excluded. At the same time, crucial tasks such as climate protection and social justice are devalued as burdensome impositions.

Disrespect, hostilities, and the denial of facts dominate parts of the societal mood. The separation from detractors of democracy like the AfD is diminishing. Standing up for human rights is questioned. Refugees are massively deprived of rights, and those who support them are increasingly criminalized. Our societal coexistence, diversity, and fairness  – our democracy – is in danger.

But we are determined to be loud and active: for an open, democratic, pluralistic, and solidarity society, collectively against the right-wing shift in Germany and Europe! Silence is not an option! We must become visible and audible. The time to act is now because the municipal, regional, and European elections in 2024 are crucial!

schwelle Foundation - Contributions to Peace

As a peace foundation, we see our contribution above all in drawing attention to peace-supporting forces, in view of  violent conflicts, currently in particular the wars in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine.

The  Bremen International Peace Award, which is to be awarded on 31 May 2024 at 6 p.m. in Bremen Town Hall, shines a public spotlight on groups and individuals who are exemplary in their efforts to counter the logic of violence with a logic that overcomes violence.

Our event series  Peace Logic Perspectives and Traditions in Times of War (in German) makes a contribution to building peace in an increasingly tense society.


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