Commitment to Reconciliation and Nonviolent Cooperation

Award Winners from Palestine, Colombia and Germany

Palestinian Bassam Aramin received the Prize in the Category “Unknown Peace Worker” for his reconciliation activities in the Middle East. The Columbian Organization Conciudadanía („Civil Rights for All“) was marked as the exemplary Initiative. It was founded 16 years ago by the committed private individuals who did not want to put up with violence of a civil war. The economic and social scientist Wolfgang Kessler honours the Foundation by his public commitment to Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation. Kessler, born in 1953, has worked more than 20 years as a journalist and chief editor of the Christian Newspaper “Public Forum”. In his reports and books, such as well-known - “Worldquake. Ways out of the Globalisation Trap”, he is driven first of all by the idea that the economy should serve the people and not vice versa.

Peace Award Winner 2007

Bassam Aramin, former fighter for the independence of Palestine, underwent an incredible change during his seven years in Israeli prison in Hebron and discovered the human beings behind his former image of the enemy. Weiterlesen

The organisation Conciudadanía – "Civil Rights for All" – is working to break the vicious circle of violence in Colombia with a culture of peace. The organisation was founded 16 years ago in Medellin, one of the strongholds of violence. Weiterlesen

Wolfgang Kessler heads the "Politics and Society" department of the magazine "Publik Forum". The unmistakable socio-ethical profile of this astoundingly successful press project, in the cause of "justice, peace and integrity of creation" is not least due to his work. Weiterlesen