Award Winner from Bosnia, Sri Lanka and Bremen

schwelle Foundation prize awarded for the 5th time

A Bosnian imam, a human rights campaigner from Sri Lanka and the district project called "You always have a choice" run by the Bremen's German Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, the Comprehensive School Bremen-East and a lot of projects in the district Tenever all have one thing in common: They are award winners of the 5th International Bremen Peace Award 2011.

Peace Award Winner 2011

"Striving for peace is my God-given task in life", Vahidin Omanovic says. Within his Centre for Peace Promotion in Sanski Most, the Bosnian imam and peacemaker has created a haven for reconciliation between the peoples and religions within Bosnia-Herzegovina.Weiterlesen

An unusual district musical project is run annually by the Bremen's German Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and the Comprehensive School Bremen-East in cooperation with many inhabitants and initiatives from the underprivileged district of Bremen-Osterholz-TeneverWeiterlesen

She is one of Sri Lanka's well-known women's rights activists and repeatedly risks her life in the struggle for peace, human rights and reconciliation. She is especially dedicated to campaigning for disadvantaged women.Weiterlesen


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