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Peace Award Winners 2013

The winners of the 6th International Bremen Peace Award 2013 are an Argentinian human rights activist, an initiative against slavery in Pakistan and two distinguished anti-nuclear activists from Gorleben.

The native Argentinian woman Natalia Sarapura has developed a unique development programme and for the last 18 years she has been fighting for the rights of the Kolla, an indigenous people in northwestern Argentina. The Insan Dost Association commits itself to putting an end to slave work in Pakistan, which is actually forbidden, but still widespread. Andreas Earl of Bernstorff and Anna Countess of Bernstorff from Gartow in the Wendland have been opposing the Castor transportation and nuclear policy for the last 35 years.

You can watch videos about the award winners and the peace award here. Videos

Peace Award Winner 2013

Natalia Sarapura is described as friendly, consistent and effective in the public eye. She is an indigenous Argentinian and developer of a unique development programme in which land acquisition, education and improvement of living conditions play a central role.Weiterlesen

Slave work is forbidden in Pakistan, and yet still commonplace. Insan Dost Association campaigns for its abolition. It has founded trade unions and schools, represents female workers in court, helping them to increase their self-confidence in the fight against slavery.Weiterlesen

The Earl and Countess of Bernstorff are fighting with different means against the planned nuclear waste disposal site in Gorleben. The couple practices civil disobedience, takes legal action against the wrongful use of the salt deposit and, in its own forestry work,...Weiterlesen

Shortlist 2013

The jury of the schwelle Foundation has selected the three award winners from 50 mostly highly qualified applications for the Bremen Peace Award. There were many more worthy of receiving the award. We will introduce nine of these people and projects we considered to be potentially award winning until the award ceremony in November 2013.  Read More


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