Selected Projects

Many Initiatives and People are Worthy of Receiving the Award

The jury of the schwelle Foundation has selected the three award winners from 50 mostly highly qualified applications for the Bremen Peace Award. There were many more candidates worthy of receiving the award. We will introduce here nine of these candidates who we considered to be potential award winners until the award ceremony in November 2013.

Shortlist 2013

In the central rain forest of Peru, the Asháninka people have set up their own offices and so managed to gain political influence in issues of local administration. They work consistently towards goals like, for example, the preservation of the rainforest, common land...Read more

The organization Public Committee Against Torture in Israel campaigns for the abolishment of torture in its own country via means of appeal, educational programmes and protests against immunity from criminal prosecution of the torturers.Read more

Understanding how people live and meeting their needs correspondingly - the Peruvian sociologist Nury Garcia has been successful in this area. She has made it possible for working children to receive a school education, advises beaten women and mediates in a conflict...Read more

The Turkish foundation AÇEV aims to integrate social fringe groups and break open traditional family structures. The organization does not only teach typical school knowledge through its educational programme but it also stands up for non-violence and democracy.Read more

Widows committed to helping widows. The Rwandan organization AVEGA offers women and children psychological support, health care, legal advice and work opportunities. Read more

The Nigerian industrial engineer, Adetoun Küppers – Adebisi, follows her goal with great courage and perseverance, and that is one of a peaceful society based on equality, free from ethnic, religious and gender-specific discrimination.Read more

The Women's Collective from Matagalpa could hardly be more versatile. It offers other women in remote villages a large number of support and educational opportunities. What make it so special are the participatory approach and a debating theatre, which has set a...Read more

The English organization Freedom from Torture offers victims of torture medical and psychological support and helps them to develop the skills necessary for everyday life. With professional aid, the refugees and their families learn to come to terms with their...Read more

In the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, the non-governmental organization SINANI campaigns for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in the townships. Their methods have also spread beyond the borders of South Africa, for example regarding the Roma in Hungary. Read more