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Many Initiatives and People are Worthy of Receiving the Award

Out of 71 applications the jury of the schwelle Foundation has chosen the Bremer Peace Award winners. We publish here 10 people and organizations from our shortlist.

Shortlist 2015

Campaigning for peace can be dangerous. Miral Biroreda, the Syrian human rights activist, has experienced this first hand on many occasions. In spite of this – or perhaps rather because of this – he has founded the Centre for Democracy and Civil Society in Syria. Weiterlesen

He is a human rights campaigner, peacemaker and advocate of a new way for men and women to live together: for the past 15 years Qamar Naseem from Pakistan has risked his life for social justice and reconciliation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a region shaken by crisis.Weiterlesen

The Basel Peace Office uses unusual campaigns, networking between the different parties involved, political negotiations and an internet portal in its campaign for a world without nuclear weapons – and has already succeeded in recruiting a large number of fellow...Weiterlesen

200,000 people were killed in the civil war in Guatemala between 1960 and 1996. Many of the victims were indigenous women. The organisation ECAP helps relatives seeking clarification of past deeds and informs society about women's rights. Weiterlesen

She reconciles Israelis and Palestinians and empowers young women to find their own independent way within a patriarchal society: Amna Kanane is an Arabian Israeli who treads between tradition and progress with a mixture of courage and wisdom.Weiterlesen

He risks his life for the rights of minorities: Zubair Torwali helps marginalised peoples to develop an awareness of their own cultural identity and, as a journalist, he denounces breaches of human rights in Pakistan, his native country. Weiterlesen

For the past quarter of a century, the Hungarian human and civil rights activist and politician, Aladár Horvath, has been fighting tirelessly against the discrimination and marginalisation of the estimated 700,000 Roma living in his home country.Weiterlesen

The effects of climate change are already distinctly noticeable in Ghana. Christians, Muslims and representatives of traditional religions join efforts in campaigning for people to adopt a careful approach to nature through awareness raising and environmental protection...Weiterlesen

Life is twice as hard for the Adivasis. The Indian natives are both exploited and threatened by the Maoist Naxalites. This was the reason for Sister Avila Tharayil to become a lawyer. She supports the indigenous in court. Weiterlesen

The indigenous Ashaninka Benki Piyãko leads a persistent and non-violent campaign for the protection of the Amazonian rainforest. For this purpose, he makes use of contacts to non-indigenous neighbours as well as the networking opportunities of the internet.


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