Peace Award winner are an Anti-Mafia Initiative, a Maori activist and a Congolese opponent of war

The Sicilian network "Addiopizzo" (Goodbye to Protection Money) has been honoured as the "Encouraging Initiative". Addiopizzo is a civil society association comprising more than a thousand Sicilian shops which stand up in protest against the protection money demands of the Sicilian Mafia.

A further award is presented to Pauline Tangiora, the peace and environmental activist from Aotearoa (New Zealand). As a member of the Maori, she connects the tribal knowledge of her ancestors and the message of protecting and preserving the planet.

Junior Nzita, the Congolese peace worker and voluntary UN ambassador, is also the recipient of a prize. He campaigns passionately and with great commitment against the cruel practice of making children go to war.

On November 17, 2017 the schwelle Foundation has confered the International Bremen Peace Award in the Bremen town hall. Patron of the Bremen Peace Award is Bremen’s mayor Karoline Linnert.

New: Award of the Donors for Encouraging Initiatives

From all proposals for the Peace Award for the category ”Encouraging Initiatives", the schwelle jury has prepared a shortlist , from which the donors have elected the award winner.

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Peace Award Winner 2017

Destroyed villages, war, escape, and persecution: the situation in Congo has been dramatic for years. More and more children are drawn as soldiers into the war, as in the case of Junior Nzita. Today, he courageously tries to liberate children from this plight.Read more

Pauline Tangiora from Aotearoa connects the tribal knowledge of her ancestors and the message of protecting and preserving our fragile planet. The Maori woman campaigns throughout the world for the rights of indigenous peoples.Read more

The mafia has been internationally active in such lucrative areas of business as drug dealing for a long time now. Demanding protection money from a businessman seems almost archaic in comparison. And yet, the payment of the ‚pizzo‘ (protection money) is still common...Read more

Shortlist 2017

From 65 applications for the Bremen Peace Award, the jury of the schwelle Foundation has drawn up a shortlist. The prize for the encouraging initiative was chosen by the donors (more about the Award of the Donors here), the other two winners were chosen by the jury of the schwelle Foundation. All persons and organisations on our shortlist were worthy of winning the prize. Here we present the 13 persons and organisations of our shortlist for the Peace Award 2017. read more

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