The schwelle Foundation's board of trustees has complied this shortlist from the applications we received.

Out of the shortlist for initiatives and organisations, the donors of the schwelle Foundation have chosen this year's award winner.

In the categories "Unknown Peaceworker" and "Public Engagement" has chosen the two candidates.

More information to the Award of the Donors you find here.


To be there wherever she is needed – this is important for Maria Biedrawa. As a peace consultant, the educationalist has already visited many regions of war and crisis in Africa. Her aim is to support and encourage people campaigning for a future free from violence.Read more

Reuven Moskovitz survived the holocaust, and for decades he has relentlessly been campaigning for a just peace in Israel, his native country. At the age of 82, he has even accompanied a transport of relief supplies to the Gaza Strip.Read more

As a radio broadcaster, museum director and human rights activist, Carlos Henriquez Consalvi, has been campaigning for decades for building up El Salvador after the civil war, re-establishing a cultural identity and for the courage to freedom of opinion.Read more

Sasho Kovachev from Bulgaria aims to counteract the marginalisation of the Roma people. He and his organisation LARGO are committed to ensuring that the Roma have a fair share in education and economic development, in health care and in the protection of human rights.Read more

César López from Colombia fights for peace, using a weapon converted into a guitar. With a mixture of music and art, he helps to turn aggression into reconciliation in places shaken by violence. He was appointed the role of the United States ambassador for non-violence...Read more

He originally trained as a toolmaker – and, in a figurative sense, Karl-Heinz Bittl still practices this profession today. Courses, books and didactic games are the various tools he has developed for his peace work. Read more

For approximately the last four decades, Maria Elena Unigarro Coral has been campaigning for the rights of indigenous women in Colombia for which she needs a great deal of courage and persistence.Read more

Young people put their ship IUVENTA to sea to save refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean – a sign of humanity and a protest against the ignorance of the European Union. The German organisation ‚Jugend Rettet‘ (Young People Save Lives) combines humanitarian aid...Read more

"Conflicts are unavoidable. But violence is a conscious decision." Moses Monday John, founder of the organisation ONAD, is convinced that this is true. For this reason, he and his team campaign with unwavering resolution for peace in war-torn South Sudan. Read more

They want to protect the most important commodity they possess: the water of the River Jordan and they do everything in their power to make sure it is fairly distributed. Living together in peace and securing transboundary environmental protection are the main aims of...Read more

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