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Award of the Donors for Encouraging Initiatives

The donors of the schwelle Foundation decide which initiative receive the International Bremen Peace Award 2021.

All donors who have contributed a minimum of 30 euros (higher amounts are welcome!) between June 15th 2020 and June 15th 2021 to support the work of the schwelle Foundation can participate in the vote.


From all proposals for the Peace Award received by 20 December 2020, the schwelle jury has prepared a shortlist for the category "Encouraging Initiatives", from which the donors can elect the award winner.

The short list is published here: Shortlist

Choose your favourite from this list. Each donor has one vote, the deadline for voting is June 30, 2021. Send your vote by post or e-mail to the schwelle Foundation.

The Peace Award 2021 in the category "Encouraging Initiatives" will be given to the organization with the highest number of votes. The award winners in the category "Grassroots Peace Worker" and "Peace Ambassador in Public Life" will be elected by the schwelle jury.

You can make your donation here: Online Donations

IBAN: DE 45 2903 0400 0000 0942 93
Bank: Bankhaus Carl F. Plump


Award of the Donors:
1. Make a donation to support the schwelle Foundation.

2. Let us know your e-mail and postal address.

3. Choose your favourite from the short list until June 30th.

4. Send us an email or a postcard with your vote.

5. Attend the award ceremony on May 20, 2022. 

You will be very welcome!


Make your donation here and decide about the Peace Award winner.

Online Donations