Longterm Partnerships

The main work of the foundation: sponsor, accompany and strengthen

In close cooperation with local organizations we conceptualize, accompany and support projects on peace and reconciliation, human rights and environmental protection. We assure our partner organizations mostly emerging grassroots organizations without much experience in fundraising substantial support over a fixed period of time. This cooperation is assessed regularly and modified if needed.

The schwelle Foundation is currently supporting projects in Israel, Palestine, Tanzania, Cameroon, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Chile, Nicaragua and Germany. 

Longterm Project Partners of the schwelle Foundation

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Name Topic Area
SOHRAM Casra Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Social Justice Europe
Colectivo de Mujeres de Matagalpa
Church & Peace Conflict Resolution Europe
From the Files onto the Stage Peace Research Europe
MHOLA - Mama's Hope Organization for Legal Assistance Human Rights, Social Justice Africa
Youth on the World Education Africa, Bremen
Center Fenix Participation in Society, Social Justice Europe
CINTRAS Participation in Society, Social Justice Americas
CIM Participation in Society, Social Justice Europe
IRSH - Young Intellecutals Hope Education, Integrity of Creation, Participation in Society Europe
RAND - Regional Address for Nonviolent Action Conflict Resolution Europe
INTeRo Centar Conflict Resolution, Human Rights Europe
gewaltfrei handeln Education, Conflict Resolution Europe
Breaking the Silence Human Rights Middle East

Southeast Europe

Reconciliation Work and Social Participation

Many years after the war the situation remains tense in former Yugoslavia conflicts between different ethnic and religious groups still exist. The social situation is precarious in some regions and democratic structures develop slowly - also in post-communist Albania.   Read More

Middle East

Provide Encounters and Break Silence

The current conflict in the Middle East is also characterized by a very unequal distribution of power and distrust between both governments as well as the people of Israel and Palestine. The conflict situation is marked by escalation, which results from the vicious circle of violence. This causes and leads to even more violence on both sides. Read More

East and Central Africa

Reconciliation, Justice and Encounters

Unfair structures, poverty and difficult chances for the future determine the daily lives of many inhabitants of African countries. The schwelle foundation accompanies and supports projects in Tanzania and Cameroon that advocate for reconciliation, justice and poverty reduction. Read More


From kindergartens to schools to adult education

As a Bremen foundation for peace the schwelle fosters activities for justice and peace in the region Bremen and cooperates with other organizations in Germany.read More