Youth on the World: Learning on Two Continents in Cameroon and Bremen

Making encounters possible

Making encounters possible

In the project Youth on the world adolescents from Cameroon and Germany address political questions, culture and change. The project connects development work and global learning with interactive travel.

Young adults in Germany and Cameroon are addressing visions with (development) political topics, with gender and culture; and that over several months together with an intensive exchange. Highlight of the 16month project of Bremen and Cameroon High Schools is the exchage-14 days in Cameroon and 14 days in Germany. The exchange is part of the participation project YOW – Youth on the World – young women and adolescents move the world; that is carried by the foundation VEPIC (Association for change, participation, integration and communication). The travel is intensively worked through, pre- and post trip, through regular mail exchanges, to self-chosen topics, regular meetings of the group in Cameroon and Germany, workshops with migrants and intensive accompaniment of former participants. With creative methods such as vision work, theater, music and debates the students practice self-expression and community. Participation and working together at the same lever are the goal. Through public work (radio, podcasts, blog, forums) they give their new knowledge to the outside. Since 2009 Alumni’s continue this project and look after the Bremen School Clubs.

The Goal: Supporting Adolescents to Express Themselves and Actively and Independently Being a Part of the Change of Society

Youth on the World has the vision of an equal world for everyone, for which they open constructive dialogue between generations and cultures and as such establish an aware and riche world.

Youth on the World wants to stop prejudice and stereotypes, international participation and cooperation, and foster the globalization of communication. They use the approach of participation, inclusion and sustainability. The adolescents are included in all activities (fundraising, project planning and networking) from the beginning and decide independently on their project and subject, they are the main actors.


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