Provide Encounters and Break Silence

Projekt Work in Israel and Palestine

The current conflict in the Middle East is also characterized by a very unequal distribution of power and distrust between both governments as well as the people of Israel and Palestine. The conflict situation is marked by escalation, which results from the vicious circle of violence. This causes and leads to even more violence on both sides. Members of the Israeli and Palestinian societies only assume they know each other well, but it is their respective prejudices of the “other” guiding them and therefore actually leading to more mutual distrust.

Frustration and depression, aggression and fear are omnipresent and paralyze local peace initiatives. The insurmountable wall and innumerable checkpoints that divide the country and prevent mutual contact and the increasing number of extremists in Israel and Palestine: All these problems demand firm political action, especially from non-government, grass-roots actors mediating between the parties of conflict.

As part of its ongoing commitment to deal with German historic responsibility, the schwelle Foundation supports non-violent and peace promoting initiatives in Israel and Palestine. It also facilitates encounters and cross border dialogue with committed people from Germany, Israel and Palestine. The Foundation is regarded as trustworthy by Palestinian as well as Israeli peace organizations – it proved to be a reliable partner and mediator in conflict resolution processes.

The Israeli organization Breaking the Silence was founded by veteran Israeli soldiers, who used to serve in the occupied territories. This organization voices the traumatic experiences of young soldiers serving in the occupied territories of Palestine. Weiterlesen


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