Reconciliation Work and Social Participation

Project Work in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Albania

Many years after the war the situation remains tense in former Yugoslavia conflicts between different ethnic and religious groups still exist. The social situation is precarious in some regions and democratic structures develop slowly also in post-communist Albania. Therefore the schwelle Foundation continues to support peace work and social projects in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, there is a lot to be done in order to reconcile these people who were once neighbors so that they may finally live together peacefully and with dignity. 

In the early 1990s with the beginning of the violent conflicts in former Yugoslavia, the schwelle Foundation started supporting peace work in the successor states of Yugoslavia. The schwelle supported refugees from Bosnia seeking asylum in Bremen, as well as refugees from Kosovo fleeing to Albania. Furthermore, it supported local people and organizations in former Yugoslavia promoting a peaceful living for all communities and ethnic groups. 

In the southeast of Turkey, where different ethnic groups and many people who fled from Syria live together, poverty and lack of prospects intensify violence. The state intervenes with a hard hand, torture in prisons is not uncommon. Sohram Casra's work is a counter to this: Reconciliation, interreligious understanding and support for torture victims.

They are committed to combating violence in society: be it violence through war or civil war, domestic violence, sexual harassment or discrimination based on ethnic or religious affiliation. The Centre SOHRAM Casra supports the rehabilitation and reintegration of...Weiterlesen

Belonging to a religious community is both important and a matter of course in the lives of many Croats. After their coming-out, lesbians, gays, transsexuals (LGBTQ+) are often excluded from communities, rejected by their families and discriminated by society. The...Weiterlesen

They want to build the trust between the people in Bosnia, and begin the reconciliation process. The Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) works hard to reduce the rift between the population groups, caused by the war in the 1990s, and that Croats, Serbs and Bosnians can live...Weiterlesen

FENIX has made it its mission to give the people of Sanski Most their dignity back and partake in their lives. They support exemplary, regardless of ethnic affiliation and in partnership in acute emergencies, during pregnancy, at birth, in early childhood and old age.Weiterlesen

Fifteen years ago – during the Balkan war – Ana and Otto Raffai from Zagreb asked themselves: "What can we personally do to achieve peace?" They participated in a training program in Nonviolent Conflict Management offered by the association gewaltfrei handeln in Wethen,...Weiterlesen

IRSH stands for “Young Intellectuals, Hope” – and the name is the program. The members of IRSH are young people, mainly college students, that have hope, to change something of the Albanian Society and especially to make changes to the city of Shkoder. Weiterlesen

Church & Peace is a Europe-wide network made up of over fifty groups, located in fourteen countries and representing ten denominations and Christian traditions: communities, congregations, educational facilities, peace service, and peace groups.Weiterlesen


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