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Here you find an overview about the partner projects of the schwelle Foundation worldwide.

Longterm Project Partners of the schwelle Foundation

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Name Topic Area
SOHRAM Casra Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Social Justice Europe
Colectivo de Mujeres de Matagalpa
Church & Peace Conflict Resolution Europe
From the Files onto the Stage Peace Research Europe
MHOLA - Mama's Hope Organization for Legal Assistance Human Rights, Social Justice Africa
Youth on the World Education Africa, Bremen
Center Fenix Participation in Society, Social Justice Europe
CINTRAS Participation in Society, Social Justice Americas
CIM Participation in Society, Social Justice Europe
IRSH - Young Intellecutals Hope Education, Integrity of Creation, Participation in Society Europe
RAND - Regional Address for Nonviolent Action Conflict Resolution Europe
INTeRo Centar Conflict Resolution, Human Rights Europe
gewaltfrei handeln Education, Conflict Resolution Europe
Breaking the Silence Human Rights Middle East