Weltkarte Friedenspreis

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die bisherigen Preisträger sowie die Auswahlliste des aktuellen Bremer Friedenspreises der Stiftung die schwelle.

Auswahlliste und Preisträger des Bremer Friedenspreises

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Name Year Topic Area
Jacqueline Flory 2021 Human Rights, Social Justice Europe, Middle East
Lesvos Solidarity 2021 Human Rights, Social Justice Asia, Europe
OPAN 2021 Social Justice, Integrity of Creation Americas
Nonviolent Education and Research Association 2021 Participation in Society, Social Justice Americas
FIACAT 2021 Human Rights Americas, Europe, Africa
Reach Out 2021 Human Rights, Conflict Resolution Africa
Clemens Ronnefeldt 2019 Peace Research, Human Rights Europe
Vilma Nuñez 2019 Americas
Olga Karatch 2019 Europe
Women Wage Peace 2019 Human Rights, Conflict Resolution Middle East
Junior Nzita 2017 Conflict Resolution, Human Rights Africa
Pauline Tangiora 2017 Integrity of Creation, Participation in Society Australia and Oceania
Addiopizzo 2017 Social Justice Europe
adopt a revolution 2015
Farah Abdi 2015 Participation in Society, Human Rights Europe
adopt a revolution 2015 Human Rights Europe, Middle East
Mary Montague 2015 Conflict Resolution Europe
Natalia Sarapura 2013 Integrity of Creation, Conflict Resolution Americas
Insan Dost Association 2013 Human Rights, Social Justice Asia
Andreas and Anna von Bernstorff 2013 Integrity of Creation Europe
Vahidin Omanovic 2011 Conflict Resolution Europe
You always have a choice 2011 Education, Participation in Society Europe
Shreen Abdul Saroor 2011 Conflict Resolution, Human Rights Asia
Susan Gilbey 2009 Human Rights Australia and Oceania
animus und Pulse 2009 Participation in Society, Human Rights, Social Justice Europe
Bishop Rubin Phillip 2009 Participation in Society, Human Rights, Social Justice Africa
Bassam Aramin 2007 Conflict Resolution Middle East
Conciudidania 2007 Conflict Resolution Americas
Wolfgang Kessler 2007 Human Rights, Social Justice Europe
Roswitha Jarman 2005 Conflict Resolution Europe
Barbara Gladysch 2005 Conflict Resolution Europe
Interfaith Mediation Center 2005 Conflict Resolution Africa
Wassilij Borisowitsch Nesterenko 2005 Integrity of Creation Europe
Sr. Weronika Sakowska 2003 Education, Social Justice Africa
Parents Circle Families Forum 2003 Conflict Resolution Middle East
Hans Earl of Sponeck 2003 Conflict Resolution Europe