Gedenktag: 13.4. Joint Memorial & 15.5. Nakba Ceremonies

    Israel and Palestine have each established a national day of remembrance wherein they mourn the consequences of the decades-long conflict with one another. Historically, and culturally, both communities have elevated this day of national remembrance to one of sacred observance.

    Israelis mourn on Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day) and Palestinians on the Nakba (Day of Catastrophe). The narratives that the Palestinian and Israeli communities hold are vastly different: the two sides interpret the history and the politics in two completely different ways.
    By bringing the "other side" to each other's Memorial or Remembrance Ceremony, Combatants for Peace transforms despair into hope, and we remind ourselves that occupation and war are not inevitable. When we learn to understand and respect each other we become able to forge a just and lasting peace.
    Joint Memorial - Tuesday, April 13th 2021, 8:30pm Israel/Palestine time, (1:30pm EST/6:30pm GMT)
    Nakba Day Ceremony - Saturday 15th May 2021

    Combatants for Peace ist ein Partnerprojekt der Stiftung die schwelle.

    Joint Memorial Ceremony 2020: Video hier anschauen

    Nakba Day Ceremony 2020: Video hier anschauen


    Ort: via web streaming
    Datum: 13. April
    Zeit: 20.30 Israel-Palestine / 19.30 Deutschland
    Combatants for Peace