No arm industry or nuclear power

Conditions of investment

Financially, the term 'foundation' means that assets are used to generate returns in order to fulfill the objectives, specified in the statutes of the founders.

The assets of an officially recognized foundation must be preserved and invested while its earnings shall be spent promptly. These are the regulations by German law, generally exempting non-profit, charitable organizations from federal taxation. Foundation's donations and assets contributing to an increase in capital reserve are being granted considerable tax concessions, particularly since the respective laws were modified in Germany in 2007.

For safety reasons in investments, the funds of the schwelle Foundation were predominantly placed in investment bonds, such as mortgage bonds, government bonds and other similar bonds. In doing so, we ensure not to invest in companies that produce economic goods that go against our ethnical principles, such as arm industries or nuclear power. For this reason we have created a list of exclusions, specifying which investments we object. (The list is available for download in German language in the right box.)

Since the financial crises 2008 the interest rates have continued to fall. Every year it is getting more and more difficult to find safe investments with good interests with whom we can achieve the objectives of the foundation. For continuing our peace work we had to buy more and more insecure investments like stocks and shares.

Additionally we are always looking for creative possibilities to invest our assets; like giving loans to companies and organisations who share the same goals and we get with 3% some more interests than from conservative investments. Searching such new investments, which is of benefit for both side, is one of the main objectives presently.

Windfang: Green Electricity From Women

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