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Board of Trustees

The schwelle Foundation's board of trustees is at the centre of the foundations decision making body.

Board members decide over resource allocation, sponsorship, support of new projects, and chair the jury of the foundation's Bremen Peace Award. The board of trustees is formed out of the executive committee and other people. Together, they appoint new members to join their board of trustees. 

Currently, the board of trustees consists of 14 members, out of which 5 are part of the executive committee and one is an advisory member.

Board of trustees:

Beate Löwe-Navarro
Britta Ratsch-Menke
Jenny Kauther
Markus Schmidt-Gröttrup
Petra Titze
Rebekka Meyboden
Susanne Korhammer
Thomas Joppig

Advisory Member:

Birgit Volmerg

Executive committee:

Anette Klasing (Chairwoman)
Kristina Bulling (2nd Chairwoman)
Hannes Menke (Treasurer)
Eckart Behm
Bärbel Ludewig



Bank details

DE 45 290304 00 00000 94293
Bankhaus Carl F. Plump, Bremen

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