Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Award Winners from Great Britain, Germany, Nigeria and Belarus

The British Quaker Roswitha Jarman and the German Barbara Gladysch were marked for their activities with traumatized children from Chechenya. Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye from Interfaith Mediation Center in Nigeria, previously deadly foes to each other, were marked for their reconciliation activities between Muslims and Christians. The atomic physicist Prof. Wassilij Nesterenko from Minsk, who elucidates the Belarussian people the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe, is under high political pressure.

Peace Award Winner 2005

Fighter for Peace in Great Britain / Chechenya: Roswitha Jarman

Roswitha Jarman holds a deep belief in our healing, divine side, in our working for Peace she shows us a way to gain an understanding of ourselves as…


Where Kids can Laugh again in Chechenyaa/Germany: Barbara Gladysch

In a desert of rubble, ruins, concealed mines, but also a desert of isolation, sad loneliness and silent screams, in Grosny, Barbara and her English…


Mediator between Religions in Nigeria: Interfaith Mediation Centre

Civil Rights organisations do more to prevent terrorist activities in Nigeria than security forces. That is the conclusion of Imam Muhammad Ashafa and…


Transparency in Chernobyl in Belarus: Wassilij Borisowitsch Nesterenko

In 1990, Prof Nesterenko became the director of the "Radiometer" Scientific Centre for radiation safety. He devoted himself to protecting the…




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