FENIX: Dignity and Partaking for all People in Bosnia

FENIX has made it its mission to give dignity and participation back to people in the small North Bosnian town of Sanski Most. They provide support at eye level: during pregnancy and after birth, in early childhood and in old age and in in acute emergencies,.

The consequences of the war for the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are still being felt. Mental injuries and traumas remain untreated and are passed on to future generations. Social connections are often destroyed because family members fled and are scattered across the world. The lack of prospects and poor working conditions drive the exodus of young people abroad. Left behind, without prospects, are mainly old, poor, sick and dependent people, mostly without relatives - in a society where family self-help was once the most important pillar of social security.

FENIX offers extensive support services

As a result of the of war and the hugh emigration, many elderly people are left to fend for themselves. Poverty, illness, need for care and loneliness characterise their everyday lives. Other fellow citizens are also dependent on help, as high unemployment and the generally difficult social situation leave many people in need of assistance. FENIX has developed a multifaceted network: Meals for the elderly reach 120 people. There are meals on wheels for sick and immobile seniors, an assisted senior bath and medical care. Furthermore, FENIX offers food parcels, hygiene articles, household goods, second-hand clothes, baby equipment and much more that is part of everyday life.

In old people's homes, care is provided for those who need more care and whose families cannot afford it. Sometimes old people who have lived abroad for many years come back to Sanski Most to spend their twilight years in their homeland.

Another unique service in Bosnia is the holistic care and support for women before and after childbirth. FENIX is particularly concerned with supporting women and families during pregnancy, around birth and in the first sensitive years of the child's life. FENIX strengthens women's self-confidence and initiative through individual counselling, courses and home visits. There is also a children's group in the house called Butterfly. Here the children have a safe place to play and gain experience in a multi-generational house and are looked after when their parents are at work.

FENIXs garden project

Fenix staff have planted fruit trees, vegetables and chokeberries in spacious growing areas. These gardens are an important resource for the house's economy and kitchen. The produce grown there benefits the kitchen for the elderly, and surplus produce is sold through a stall on the grounds.


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