Tribute for their Commitment to Human Dignity and Justice

Award Winners from Australia, Bulgaria and South Africa

The schwelle Foundation has announced the winners of the fourth international Bremen Peace Award: the Australian Susan Jennifer Gilbey wins in the category "Unknown Peace Worker" for her tireless efforts advocating for the rights and concerns of asylum seekers. The Bulgarian organizations animus and Pulse Foundation are awarded in the category of "Exemplary Organisations" due to their commitment in supporting women who became victims of trafficking and forced prostitution in Western European countries. And the Anglican bishop Rubin Phillip from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is awarded with the Bremen Peace Prize in the Category Public Engagement towards justice and peace. Because he supports those who are still marginalized and are not benefitting from democracy in South Africa: displaced persons, victims of persecution, detainees.

Peace Award Winner 2009

Bearer of Hope for many Refugees in Australia: Susan Gilbey

The Australian Susan Jennifer Gilbey is not a lawyer by profession. Nevertheless, she fought and won many court cases for asylum seekers in Australia,…


Courageous actions on violence against women in Bulgaria: animus and Pulse

Many Bulgarian women became victims of forced prostitution in the West - however, after they return home, they continue to find themselves in a…


Tireless Peace Worker in South Africa: Bishop Rubin Phillip

Rubin Phillip was an outspoken opponent of apartheid – today, he is an Anglican bishop from KwaZulu-Natal and is still engaged in the struggle for…




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