Shortlist Award of the Donors

Chose the award winner for Encouraging Initiatives

The schwelle Foundation's board of trustees has complied a shortlist from the applications we received for initiatives and organisations. The donors of the schwelle Foundation can choose this year's award winner from this list. 

More information to the Award of the Donors you find here.

Shortlist Award of the Donors

Proposal 1: Advocate for the Indigenous Peoples in Brazil - OPAN

OPAN was founded in 1969. It is the most long-standing Brazilian NGO working with the indigenous people in the Amazon River region and campaigns for…


Proposal 2: An Oasis for Refugees - Lesvos Solidarity

In 2012, Efi Latsoudi and a small group of local residents and volunteers begin distributing food and other essential goods to refugees and other…


Proposal 3: Dealing Non-Violently With Conflict in Turkey - Nonviolent Education and Research Association

„We believe that it is possible to create a world without discrimination and suppression, in which social justice is paramount and conflict can be…


Proposal 4: Abolition of Torture and Death Penalty - FIACAT

In many African states, an increasing number of people are imprisoned without justification. It is not uncommon for them to be detained for months or…


Proposal 5: Women for Peace in Cameroon - Reach Out

The country cannot find peace: This is true of the conflict between the francophone majority of the population and the Anglophone minority in the west…




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