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The schwelle Foundation and its partners strive for peace, justice and integrity of creation. We initiate and support projects that create and shape society and societal change through non-violent means. The work of our projects and project partners support and campaign for social justice, compliance and implementation  of human rights as well as environmental sustainability. Overall, the foundation‘s work aims to inspire other projects to show support for a social change towards greater justice.

As a non-profit organization with various personal contacts, we believe that positive social change is achieved in small steps at the local level. We see ourselves as part of the ecumenical movement for peace, justice and integrity of creation (shalom). 

The schwelle Foundation is an operative foundation primarily, which means that

On a small scale, the schwelle Foundation accepts proposals of other organizations. This support, however, is only granted if the focus of the projects is closely related to our areas of work or if they are related to Bremen.

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Board of trustees: Diverse and Committed

The schwelle Foundation's board of trustees is at the centre of the foundations decision making body. Read More

Finances: Where does the money come from?

The schwelle Foundation's work is financed through returns on its own assets, grants of the founding families and through individual donations. Read More



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