Justice and Participation

Project Work in Tanzania, Togo and Cameroon

Unfair structures, poverty and difficult chances for the future determine the daily lives of many inhabitants of African countries. The schwelle foundation accompanies and supports projects in Tanzania, Togo and Cameroon that advocate for justice and participation.

In Bukoba in Tanzania the organization MHOLA aids in the legal situations of women and works to establish changes in the local community,  in Togo, the organisation PEA empowers young people. In the association Youth on the World adolescents from Cameroon and Germany get involved by organizing youth encounters and are committed to community improvements. 

Project Work in Africa

Projet Espérance Afrique (PEA): Hope for Africa

In September 1990, PEA was founded as an NGO to mobilize and empower the adolescents living in Togo. It aims to educate people in non-violence and to…


MHOLA: Legal Assistance for Women and Strengthen Communities

MHOLA Mama’s Hope Organization for Legal Assistance in Bukoba, Tanzania primarily offers Women and children legal advice. It is also responsible for…


Youth on the World: Learning on Two Continents in Cameroon and Bremen

In the project Youth on the world adolescents from Cameroon and Germany address political questions, culture and change. The project connects…




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