Clemens Ronnefeldt: Giving Peace a Voice in Germany

Peace Award Winner 2021: Peace Ambassador in Public Life

Clemens Ronnefeldt has devoted his entire professional activity to peace work. He gives peace a voice and uses his many talents in projects ranging from concrete peace work on site through to education in seminars and training courses.

The media, politics and differing civil groups often make use of Clemens Ronnefeldt's high level of expertise in the field of political analysis. What distinguishes him most is his ability to adapt to his counterparts. Whether children, youths or adults: he is the right man to seek out when it is a question of peace, justice and the integrity of creation.

The Catholic theologist has received additional training in peace work and systemic counselling. He has been campaigning for peace, justice and the integrity of creation since he declined his military service in 1979. His motivation is rooted in his Christian faith. Even in young years, he campaigned for Fair Trade as part of a youth project led by his home church community in Rhinehessen. He was also committed to working with groups marginalized by society during his time as a conscientious objector performing community service. As a student, he campaigned against violence and armament.

Since 1992, Clemens Ronnefeldt has acted as advisor for peace-related questions for the German branch of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR). During the first ten years of his work, he supported peace groups in the Balkans and lived in a refugee camp for about eight months. He led numerous projects to prepare conscientious objectors performing community service for their work with traumatised children in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and subsequently accompanied them to the area of destination.

Within the framework of the project Civil Peace Service, he participated in training a peace expert for the Balkans. He took part in different peace delegations and visited peace and human rights groups on site.

Over the course of time, his newsletter and blog have become an increasingly important source of information for those engaged in peace work. He has chaired peace conferences and become known as a speaker for different target groups in seminars, training events, schools and churches. He distinguishes himself through his ability to explain complex connections in a way that makes them understandable and subsequently accessible to the target group. He campaigns for peace-related questions through both print media and television, working together with many experts. His high level of expertise in the field of political analysis is often in demand. Since 2019 he has been presenting his own TV series within the framework of "Transparenz TV - Transparency TV" called "Questions of peace with Clemens Ronnefeldt". In the programmes, of which there have been around one hundred to date, he interviews experts from a wide range of different subject areas.

"I feel that receiving the Bremen Peace Award shows great appreciation for the work I have done over the past 30 years with the German branch of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation", says Clemens Ronnefeld. "It gives me an extra boost of energy for my future engagement at a difficult time for peace policy."



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