Sister of the forgotten children in Congo: Sr. Weronika Sakowska

Peace Award Winner 2003, categorie "Unknown Peaceworker"

Sister Weronika Sakowska brought hope to the refugees in Rwanda. She helped setting up health care, nutrition centers and schools in order to give people a new perspective beyond that of war and violence.

Sister Weronika Sakowska is a member of the Cathlic order of Pallonites. She is from Poland and was nominated by the German branch of the order in Limburg. Sister Weronika has worked for almost 10 years in a camp for refugees of the genocide in Rwanda (now near Goma, DR Congo). She worked together with other sisters to establish a nutrition and health centre to, above all, provide orphans in this area with the basics of healthcare and nutrition.

In addition, Sister Weronika has also gradually set up schools in this area, which is a region in which the educational system had become practically non-existent since so many people had to flee in. She is now setting up a similar centre in the neighbouring Congolese border area, where, as is generally known, orphans are abused and forced to become child soldiers. Through personal commitment, sister Weronika addressed the situation of hopelessness, disease and death which ruled the every-day life. She gave people, especially children, new hope and has saved many from a fate of starvation and death from disease. By setting up schools, she gave them a new perspective beyond that of war and violence.



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