Trauma Processing and Human Rights

Projekt Work in Chile and Nicaragua

The consequences of the dictatorships of the last century can still be felt today in some Latin American countries. The schwelle Foundation accompanies and supports projects in Chile and Nicaragua that advocate for human rights and the coming to terms with the consequences of trauma.

In Santiago de Chile, CINTRAS supports people who were victims of torture during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Relatives of victims are also treated – some of the consequences can be felt into the third generation.

The women's collective from Matagalpa in Nicaragua strengthens women, especially in small villages, and openly and courageously addresses social taboo issues.

Project Partner in Latin America

The Women's Collective from Matagalpa could hardly be more versatile. It offers other women in remote villages a large number of support and educational opportunities. What make it so special are the participatory approach and a debating theatre, which has set a...Weiterlesen

From September 1973 until March 1990 the military dictatorship of general Pinochet ruled Chile. Even though Chile has a democratic government, the effects of the dictatorship have left psychological traces, which can be found sometimes in the third generation of the...Weiterlesen


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