Interreligious-dialogue in Diyarbakir, Turkey

October 2021: Turkey is home to different ethnic groups (Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Zaza), some of whom belong to different religions, but not all of them are officially recognised as religions by the authorities. As part of their programme "Interreligious Dialogue" and "Living Together in Turkey", our project partner SOHRAM CASRA celebrated Ashura in Cemevi in Diyarbakir with the Alevi community - a joint celebration that has a 16-year tradition.

Yavuz Binbay reports: "We gathered children who are supported by SOHRAM and their families and distributed some small gifts and explained the meaning of the ASHOURA celebration (see the Wikipedia article Ashura

Despite the difficult situation, we visited the Alevi temple Cemevi in Diyarbakir with our SOHRAM volunteers. We are trying to strengthen the bridge of cordial brotherhood built 16 years ago at the initiative of SOHRAM between the students and volunteers of the centre and the Alevi communities in our region in south-eastern Turkey.

Mr Binbay and Dede Musa from the Alevi community would like to continue this precious brotherhood that has existed between SOHRAM and the Alevi community for 16 years for the next generations - despite all the sad stories that happened in the last century and despite the current conflict."

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