Peace Award winner Olga Kartach appealed to the Federal Prosecutor General of Germany and Angela Merkel

May 12, 2021: Olga Karatch, human rights activist from Belarus, sent letters to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Chancellery and the Ministry of Justice of the country. In her messages to the heads of departments, Olga Karach described what the human rights organisation "Nash Dom" does and also shared details of the scale of repression in Belarus. She drew attention to the fact that a lawsuit had recently been filed with the German public prosecutor’s office in connection with the use of violence in the country.

"The unprecedented scale of repression that has gripped Belarus since August 2020 has astonished and shocked even us experienced human rights defenders. About 40,000 repressed and tortured, more than 3,000 politically motivated criminal cases, there are raped, killed and missing," Olga Karatch emphasized.

She noted that sadism and torture against civilians have not stopped until now. No one case has been begun against the security forces of Belarus. Olga Karatch asked to support and accept the suit of ten repressed Belarusians who demand to find Lukashenko guilty of crimes against humanity.

"This process is important for all 40,000 victims of terror in Belarus, as it gives hope about the inevitability of punishment for criminals who torture people, as well as the fact that justice will be upheld and human rights in Belarus will be restored," Olga Karatch said.

At the end of the letter, she expressed the hope that Germany will declare itself to be a supporter of the protection of universal human rights. Olga Karatch clarified that peaceful Belarusians believe that the lawlessness and torture committed under the leadership of Lukashenko will be given a legal assessment, and the criminals will first face an international and then a national court.

Peace Award Winner 2019 Olga Karatch: mehr Informationen

More information from the Belarusian organisation "Our House"



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