Rethinking security: cooperation instead of military

February 2021: On the online platform, "Rethinking Security" has started a petition. As part of the second phase of the Abstimmung21 project, votes will be collected until 31 March 2021 to raise awareness of the initiative.

Violent military interventions and armament do not create security, but increase global insecurity. This is shown by the failed interventions in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.
Germany and the EU are already strong and globally recognised actors in the non-violent mediation of conflicts and in the civil prevention of crises.

The German government should not invest 70 to 80 billion euros per year in the Bundeswehr, as planned, but in combating the climate crisis and the causes of flight, in strengthening the UN, the WHO and for global cooperation. This will create a climate of trust and cooperation. Only in this way can the enormous global challenges be overcome.

Germany wants and must take responsibility. Consciously without military force. In 1989, Germans achieved a non-violent revolution. Now the German government should not continue to participate in the dangerous game of renewed armament, but instead focus on cooperation instead of military force.

The initiative shows realistic alternatives.  English information here

Your vote brings cooperation instead of military into the nationwide campaign Abstimmung21. The aim is to mobilise up to 1 million people. Vote here

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