Social Justice

For us social issues cannot be separated from the question of peace. A fair distribution of the wealth of society boosts the satisfaction of its members verifiably, heightens the identification and willingness to get involved and decreases the willingness to use violence. 

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Vilma Nuñez got to know the meaning of exclusion and discrimination at a very young age. Today she still fights for the enforcement of political and economic human rights in Nicaragua, and that at the age of 80.Weiterlesen

Olga Karatch has been fighting against the shortcomings and injustices of the system in Belarus since her youth. She is not alone in doing so: Meanwhile, approximately 20 groups belong to the human and civil rights network “Nash Dom”, which she founded.Weiterlesen

They are committed to combating violence in society: be it violence through war or civil war, domestic violence, sexual harassment or discrimination based on ethnic or religious affiliation. The Centre SOHRAM Casra supports the rehabilitation and reintegration of...Weiterlesen

The Women's Collective from Matagalpa could hardly be more versatile. It offers other women in remote villages a large number of support and educational opportunities. What make it so special are the participatory approach and a debating theatre, which has set a...Weiterlesen

Fear, violence and terminal illness are topics that no one likes to talk about. Through films and discussions, STEPS encourages people living in regions of Southern Africa to talk about their problems and social taboos, to help themselves and support one another.Weiterlesen

In Honduras, farmers are fighting to survive because they do not have enough land. On the other hand, owners of large estates leave areas fallow, land which they have procured illegally. The organisation Centro Nacional de Trabajadores del Campo wants to change that....Weiterlesen

International Peace Week in Sanski Most. Our partner organization has invited, the Center for Peacebuilding - CIM (Centar Za Izgradnju Mira) from Northern Bosnia and the other project partners from the region came as well: Mihael Sečen and Neda Popović from INTeRo from...Weiterlesen

As a radio broadcaster, museum director and human rights activist, Carlos Henriquez Consalvi, has been campaigning for decades for building up El Salvador after the civil war, re-establishing a cultural identity and for the courage to freedom of opinion.Weiterlesen

Sasho Kovachev from Bulgaria aims to counteract the marginalisation of the Roma people. He and his organisation LARGO are committed to ensuring that the Roma have a fair share in education and economic development, in health care and in the protection of human rights.Weiterlesen

César López from Colombia fights for peace, using a weapon converted into a guitar. With a mixture of music and art, he helps to turn aggression into reconciliation in places shaken by violence. He was appointed the role of the United States ambassador for non-violence...Weiterlesen