Right Now, Despite Everything – An Encouragement from Believers for Peace

schwelle project partner RAND from Croatia is active in the network "Believers for Peace". Together with believers from Islamic and Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) faith communities in Southeast Europe, they advocated for the power of religions for peace. In view of the terror in the Middle East, they published the following statement:

In our powerlessness in the face of the accumulation of violence, we struggle not to remain speechless.

We raise our voices and implore: act for peace and learn to despise war.

We are appalled by the open support for war from our representatives in Europe and the USA. Each of us carries responsibility for our own violence. We know that every person can build peace, and can refuse violence even today.

We are Believers for Peace, and through this public speech, we express that we care:

  • We care about the innocent victims of Hamas.
  • We care about civilian casualties in Gaza,
  • We care about all those in Israel/Palestine who fear for their lives these days.
  • We care about all in Israel who fear for family members abducted, about whom they do not know where they are and what is happening to them.

We do not possess the power of weapons or hold the levers of power in this world, but we have a soul that we will not allow the demons of war to distort.

We have thoughts and prayers of solidarity for all who are endangered and feel helpless in the face of the onslaught of violence.

We do not believe in a solution that means the annihilation of the enemy.

We do not accept dehumanization because, in faith, we know that every person is a person, a creature loved by God.

Faith obliges us to peace.

The chain of killing can be broken every time, we remind you, that peace is possible every time there is a will for peace.

We support every effort to establish peace and reach an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians for coexistence.

We do not accept revenge; it only deepens the problem, and never brings deliverance from war.

It is not normal to kill; the traumas of war veterans testify to that.

It is not noble to follow irrational policies that hide behind militaristic heroism stemming from fears.

We do not give up on nonviolence and the building of peace, so we raise our voices, and tomorrow we will build peace together fearlessly in the war-ravaged Gaza and Israel.

Therefore, let us ask ourselves: What can I do for peace?

If no one dares, then you should dare!
If no one says it, then say it out loud.
If no one thinks, then dare to think it.
If no one starts, then carry it out.
When no one says yes, say yes.
When no one says no, say no.
When all doubt, dare to believe.
When all participate, stand alone.
Where all praise, have reservations.

Where all mock, do not mock.
Where all are stingy, dare to give.
Where everything is dark, make light.
(Lothar Zenetti)

schwelle project partner RAND

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